Bullshit Jobs: What are they and should we get rid of them?

Do you secretly feel that your job is pointless? If your role suddenly disappeared from your company, do you think anyone would notice? Are you envious of people with “real jobs?” You’re not alone. A third of Americans feel the same. Anthropologist David Graeber says there are millions of us in “bullshit jobs.” A professor


Make a Robust Editorial Calendar in 5 Steps

Congratulations! You’ve started your blog and you’re passionately writing about your favorite topic. Ideas flow through you. You’ve got your finger on the pulse and there’s no stopping you now. You’re a content-churning machine. You’re up at 3 am with a great new blog idea that causes you to leap out of bed and start

5 Best Free Online Courses to Increase your Productivity

Whether you want to grow your business, learn new tools for time management or any self-improvement hack, the web is your friend. Here’s a list of 5 most popular free online courses you can take to increase your productivity.    1. Learn better Time Management skills Coursera offers a great class Work Smarter, Not Harder: