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Do you ever feel frustrated with how you manage your time? 

Ever feel you could have done so much more today than what you actually did? 

Feel like you could be living a more fulfilled life?

I do. A lot of the time




So I started reading up on all sorts of life hacks and productivity tips. On how to become more mindful and intentional with how I spend my day. I discovered a plethora of amazing advice and tips online.

Before I knew it, I became obsessed with it! I love discovering new time saving apps, learning new skills through online courses, reading books on mindfulness and above all, sharing this info with others.

Oops, excuse my manners...

isabel goncalves

I forgot to introduce myself! 


I’m Isabel and I’m just a gal, sittin’ on the dock of the bay. I’m a writer and content creator by trade, and an explorer and quest seeker by heart. I love poké, yoga, my Kindle and all things Scandinavian.  

The Productive Blog was born out of my desire to give back to the collective pool of wisdom  — that is the internet. I’ve learnt how to make a mean lemon cheese cake, how to change a tire (luckily  I haven’t needed to use it) and so much more online. The Productive Blog is my humble effort to give back to the seeker community online.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll find a little nugget of enrichment that you can take home with you today.

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